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Mythology 100
12 most recent entries

Date:2004-12-11 10:06
Subject:Hi there?
Mood: energetic

Hi there,

Are we still posting 100 word challenges here?

If this is a dead journal I'll understand and only write them for my own personal entertainment.


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Date:2004-06-09 02:36
Mood: pensive

When Hector killed Patroklos, he knew he was going to die. He knew it, and he didn't try to fight it because there would be no use doing so anyway. Even the gods couldn't change what the Fates decreed.

When Achilles came for him, Hector ran. He was a hero, courageous and strong, but he was also scared of the god-man descending upon him, wearing new golden armor and emanating fury that could not be placated.

When Hector died, he was given a hero and prince's burial, and no one thought the any worse of him for trying to live.

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Date:2004-05-31 13:45
Subject:A little late today...:-/
Mood: tired

After a large iced mocha, I finally have an idea for a challenge.

Today, in the US, is Memorial Day, a day were we remember those who have fallen defending their country in times of war. So. let's have the challenge of this week follow that: write a drabble about a heroic figure in mythology that died to defend their city/country.

For next week's theme, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Date:2004-05-31 13:12
Mood: rushed

I'm not sure how I came up with this...

My word was turbid, by the way.

After Hermes leads them to Hades, he ferries the shades across Acheron and into the underworld, provided they each have an obol to pay him, of course. Charon has seen many shades cross Acheron over the years. He does remember the brilliant heroes—Achilles, Heracles, Odysseus; the gaudy royalty—Paris, Helen; and sometimes, even simple commoners with striking qualities, like that one beautiful woman who had died in childbirth. He remembers that all of them are surprised by how turbid the Acheron is. But Acheron is the river of woe, and the tears shed over time can only muddy it.

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Date:2004-05-27 06:36
Subject:Reply to Word of the Day challenge
Mood: hopeful

This is my first time posting to this group and I hope I got everything write. I have never written in this type of gener before - hope you all enjoy.

Title: Longing
Author: Ophelia
Rating: G
Category: angst
Warnings: none
Challenge: Use the ‘word of the day’ for your birthday and include it in your snippit. My word was Yen.

LongingCollapse )

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Date:2004-05-24 08:31
Subject:New Challenge
Mood: relaxed

I found this idea in some perusing through wing100 (I needed some ideas). And I came across this one, and I thought I'd give it a whack.

-Go to wordoftheday
-Find the word posted on your birthday (any year is fine)
-Use that word in your drabble.

Your drabble itself can be about anything.

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Date:2004-05-17 07:06
Subject:Must find coffee...
Mood: sleepy

This week's theme:
The gods of mythology

Because I can't really think of anything else (literally; I've been studying too much), how about we do drabbles about the gods, hm? I think it's pretty self-explanatory, so I'll let you go at that.

Anyone have any suggestions for a theme next week?

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Date:2004-05-14 06:36
Subject:Because the movie is all wrong...
Mood: accomplished

His mother told him not to go. She sent him to Lycomedes's court, but Odysseus found him, and he left for Troy willingly, wanting glory.

He took Patroclus with him. When Agamemnon took Breisis, he refused to fight and, instead, fucked his beloved while the Achaean troops died.

He never would refuse Patroclus anything, so when Patroclus asked permission to fight, he let him with a warning to stay near the ships.

He should have known better when his mother told him he would die because he died with Patroclus, and he would lose his physical body after getting revenge.

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Date:2004-05-12 08:28

The idea came from something I read a while back, about putting money in their loved ones mouths when they die so they can cross the river Styx. I've been trying to figure out where I read that from to no avail. But I thought I'd relate it to Patroclus.

Also, please excuse my mind. I'm tired and hot, and weird things come from my head when that happens. So this what happened to Patroclus after he was killed by Hector.

Patroclus was meandering. Not that he had anything else to do. The Underworld wasn’t exactly one of the more fun places of the world. Especially near the river Styx. He kept glancing at Cerberus; highly paranoid of any sort of evasive maneuvers it might take against him. And Charon would glance his way with a noticeably amused expression across his pale features. Charon wouldn’t let him cross, that’s why. Charon had turned capitalist, and now one must pay their way into the Underworld, as if it were some sightseeing attraction for tourists. ‘What is this world coming to?’ Patroclus mused.

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Date:2004-05-10 21:04

For Troy (based on an excerpt of a short story I wrote):

The waters are eerily calm. No waves crash against the beach, and the sound of water is deceptively soothing, sated with the feast of Lacoön’s kin. The people have lost all resistance, all fear. Longing. They have closed their eyes with bright and shining feathers, and no longer wish to watch.

The skies of Troy are burning bright with blood the night before it falls. Phoebus Apollo has dragged his chariot across the sky in one last futile warning, but no one is listening. They have stopped up their ears with melted wax, and are ready to take the plunge.

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Date:2004-05-10 08:01
Subject:New Challenge
Mood: hot

This week's theme
The Trojan War

This is in honor of the movie "Troy" coming out (reviews are starting to come in: You can look at them here ). I figured we could use some, as I don't expect the movie staying with the story too much (I've already read quite a bit >.> ). Anyways, I'm off the topic...

Your drabble must come from a story about the Trojan war, anything from that damned golden apple to the sacking of Troy itself will be fine. It can be thought processes, fights, love, parady, and anything in between.

So have at it!

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Date:2004-05-05 12:06
Mood: happy

This is Mythology 100, a drabble community for Mythology fans.

Before joining, please read the Rules and Guidelines of this community.

I guess I can start a theme for this week, despite the fact that Monday was two days ago.


Happy writing! :)

Any suggestions for next weeks theme can be commented with this post.

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