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Mythology 100

Mythology drabbles

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Welcome to Mythology 100, a LiveJournal drabble community. This is a community dedicated to the writings of the mythologies of the world, in only a hundred words.


~Every drabble must be around a hundred words long; try to keep it between 95-105 words.

~Every post must include a drabble. Any posts such as, "Hi! I'm new!" will be deleted unless they include a drabble. If you have any questions about the community, or about any topics, you can email me, and I will gladly answer any questions.

~All drabbles are to be based on mythology, such as: Greek, Roman, Nordic, Celtic, Chinese, Indian, Native American, Japanese, etc. In fact, I encourage you to write about different mythologies; maybe we can learn something new. :)


Every Monday, I will post a theme. It will usually be a sort of theme that will allow drabbles in all kinds of mythologies. This theme is what you will base your drabble on. It can be anything from fights to thoughts; it's up to you what you write, but make sure it remains in the hundred word limit. I will also allow suggestions of themes. If you have any themes that you would like to do one week, simply comment on the post where I annouce the theme of the week, or you can email me. Either way is fine.

NO FLAMING OR TROLLING. It's okay to give tips; but do not flame a person about their writing. People's feeling can be easily hurt. Any sign of flamings or trolls and I will kick you out. I do not tolerate such behavior.


The Memories page will serve as an archive. I will add your drabbles to the Memories page to allow easy access to all writings.

livid_wind is your moderator. I'm more commonly known among the living as Steph. I will post drabbles every so often when a little plot bunny hops into my head (like last night). I'm not the best writer, but I try :D

This Week's Theme
The Fallen Heroes of Mythology

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