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Reply to Word of the Day challenge

This is my first time posting to this group and I hope I got everything write. I have never written in this type of gener before - hope you all enjoy.

Title: Longing
Author: Ophelia
Rating: G
Category: angst
Warnings: none
Challenge: Use the ‘word of the day’ for your birthday and include it in your snippit. My word was Yen.

Ankhesenamen held his hand as he lay on the bed. Servants wandered in and out Priests were praying their people in mourning while Tutankhamen rest silently. Her gut was saying he would not live. His time to travel the Underworld near she promised herself she wouldn’t cry. Not in the face of her husband’s death – she would be strong for their people. Even as her heart yen for the days long past when the future was bright they had just been wed and talking of an heir. But no more. The days of the gods smiling on them were gone.
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